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Plural of pudendum.

pudenda, pudendal

See pudendum.


1. The external female genitalia.
2. Vulva, see there.


The external genitalia. From the Latin pudere , to be ashamed.
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In most of the drawings, all from the "Young Americans" series, begun in 1994, the girls' clothes are rendered transparent to reveal vestigial or full breasts, pert nipples, and, more often than not, the diagrammatic cleft of hairless Pudenda, weirdly uniform despite the subjects' differing ages.
I don't know how recently Florence King has seen a copy of Playboy, but I can tell her that the articles, bad or boring as most of them are, are still more interesting than the monthly parade of pneumatic lovelies with their grotesque breast implants and their tastefully waxed pudenda.
A ticket, I mean, not Anne's pudenda pickled in brine.
Throughout the Travels Gulliver devours with his eyes: the Queen of Brobdingnag's prodigious mouth, the breast tumor full of holes large enough to contain him, the Yahoo's filthy Excrements, hairless Anus and Pudenda.
But The water needs a sleeve so they can dress you in it And you need a Hellespont to sail through like a sleepwalker or like Amphion (Some go in for the inapproachable and some for a little bay's rocks As well as those who at great length pursue only speed But he who I am frequents the pudenda Of soft hills and he ties the extremity of extreme hearing to Mozart's skippings
18, in an outdated Alinari photo taken before prudish overpaintings were removed -- a loin cloth like a stiff old dust rag propped across Venus' pudenda and an alien laurel that sprouts over Cupid's ready anus - whereas the attractive jacket of the book carries a full-color detail of the restored panel.
I write "all," almost forgetting the high drama of one Asian woman, shod in the same heels but in lavender, with a matching shade of lipstick, and one long-haired redhead, whose pudenda was waxed to a perfect downy red strip.
24] For the sake of scholarly taboo, perhaps some translators would be more comfortable using pudenda muliebria.
Hair like lichen and a pudenda like a swallow's nest.
The female, its back half turned to the viewer, coyly exhibits a kind of attenuated pudenda.
Boccaccio's gruesome description of the widow's pudenda (55-56) invites such an interpretation.