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public opinion,

n the pooled judgment or attitude of the public in regard to a specific issue. Public opinion is generally determined by polling a sample of the population, using statistical tools. Elections are formal public opinion polls by which registered voter citizens register their choice of candidates and referenda.
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In this way, priests used demoniacs to sway public opinion and convert wavering Protestants back to Catholicism.
In many ways similar to the situation confronting us today, public opinion is undecided; what is clear is that something needed (and needs) to be done.
PHOTO : Completing a 10-year modernization of the facility, management of the Canadian Pacific Forest Products' mill in Dryden is now turning its attention to re-establishing a positive public opinion about the pulp and paper industry.
The 2013 Worldwide Marketing Research & Public Opinion Polling Industry-Industry & Market Report, published annually , contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
Having been convinced of the crucial role of Arab public opinion in the development of Middle East politics from before the Arab uprisings that began in late 2010, at a time when many others were dismissing the "Arab street" as unimportant because of the domination of authoritarian rulers, Telhami (peace and development, U.
In The Court Of Public Opinion has its own webpage at: http://www.
This is the first study to relate public opinion across countries to concrete actions such as terrorism," he added.
Scholars have adeptly documented the use and evaluation of public opinion inside the White House in observance of the perceived (and often "crafted") connection between public opinion and presidential action (Jacobs and Shapiro 1995a; Geer 1996; Eisinger and Brown 1998; Heith 2003; Eisinger 2003).
And under appropriate circumstances, the rule of law can also be served by looking to strong public opinion.
Definitions and interpretation of the public opinion
This book seeks to explore what forces shape public opinion and whether public opinion in turn can affect political change in China, an issue crucial to understanding the political scenario in contemporary China.
Rather than pay the $114 fine, she fought the citation in the court of public opinion and in a court of law.