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Relating to or marked by ptosis.
Synonym(s): ptosed


See ptosis.


Relating to or marked by ptosis.
Synonym(s): ptosed.


(tō′sĭs) [Gr. ptosis, a dropping]
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PTOSIS: involutional ptosis, associated with the loss of elasticity of the eyelid
Dropping or drooping of an organ or part, as the upper eyelid from paralysis, or the visceral organs from weakness of the abdominal muscles. See: illustrationptotic (tŏt′ĭk), adjective; ptosed (tōst), adjective
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The ptosis crutch described by this project provides an important step in offering a standard rather than an ad-hoc solution to elevating the ptotic eyelid of MG patients.
He offers historical background and then covers patient education, anatomy, photographic imaging, implants and implant-soft tissue dynamics; coverage continues another 15 or so topics and ends with glandular ptotic and constricted lower pole breasts, augmentation mastopexy, and a chapter on applying proved processes as exemplified in clinical case studies.
The majority of these pupils in ptotic eyes had poor reflex response to light for which clinical examination revealed no cause.