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The arbuscular mycorrhizas of pteridophytes in Yunnan southwest China: evolutionary interpretations.
Species identification of medical pteridophytes by a DNA barcode marker, the chloroplast psbA-truH intergentic region.
Their disagreement was not about the nature of this algal ancestor but about the morphological interpretation of the sporophyte (as something new or something modified) and about the evolutionary relationship between the 'parasitic' sporogonium of bryophytes and the free-living sporophyte of pteridophytes.
Pteridophytes have been found to be dominant in the herb layer of both neotropical and paleotropical forests (Poulsen & Nielsen 1995, Poulsen & Pendry 1995).
A test of geometric constrains, climate and species pool effects for pteridophytes on a elevational gradient in Costa Rica.
Like other pteridophyte spores, terminology for microspore features in Isoetes has not been standardized.
Ordinal and familial relationships of pteridophyte genera.
Morphological studies have not compared monocot and pteridophyte embryos because pteridophytes are seen to be completely unrelated to angiosperms and an inappropriate group for comparative analysis.
CUADRO 1 Especies de pteridofitas incluidas en el analisis TABLE 1 Species of pteridophyte used in the analysis Especie Ejemplar de respaldo Adiantum andicola Liebm.
Ogura's (1972) report is disappointing because he did not mention the foliar endodermis as he did in his earlier pteridophyte compilation (Ogura, 1938).