psychomotor tests

psy·cho·mo·tor tests

psychological tests which, although based on other psychological processes (for example, sensory, perceptual), require a motor reaction such as copying designs, building with blocks, or manipulating controls.
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Psychomotor tests measure the employee's reaction time and coordination, which will provide immediate and accurate results directly related to the employee's job performance.
worsened performance on all psychomotor tests (critical fusion
Psycomotor recovery was studied by psychomotor tests for the performance of the following:
Symetric Life Sciences deal includes acquisition of the products like SyMetric - Clinical Data Management System (CDMS); Mindomatics - Computerized Psychometrics Tests: The software application features a series of computerized psychomotor tests, enabling the effect of drugs on human motor and psychiatric functions.
An observational study conducted in a US endoscopy suite investigated the use of psychomotor tests, in the PACU to assess recovery from sedation.
A variety of approaches may be used to study abuse potential in animals, including self-administration tests, conditioned place preference, drug discrimination methods, and psychomotor tests, based on the chemical and pharmacological properties of the drug, its pharmacological class, and current knowledge of its abuse potential.
They also took a variety of psychomotor tests measuring divided attention, as well as a visual analog scale to measure subjective feelings of mood.
Their conclusion hinges largely on the results of a multifaceted Dutch trial of 82 thyroxine-treated infants and 76 controls who underwent the Bayley mental and psychomotor tests at 6, 12, and 24 months of age (N.
These psychomotor tests have included a wide variety of measures including digit-span, memory, vigilance, divided attention, and eye-hand tracking tasks.
They were 10% slower on psychomotor tests, compared with 116 normotensive subjects matched for age, education, and other factors that influence cognition (Hypertension 36[6]:1079-82, 2000).