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v. psycholo·gized, psycholo·gizing, psycholo·gizes
To explain or analyze (behavior, for example) in psychological terms.
To investigate, reason, or speculate in psychological terms.

psy·chol′o·giz′er n.

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Q. What is better- psychological help or medicinal? What treatment strategy should I choose to help me in depression?

A. I doubt the answer to this question has a generic answer for everyone and there's no way someone like myself could answer it for your paricular situation. Its something for medical professionals to determine. Start with your medical doctor. Doctors know most of the other doctors in your vicinity and make recomendations to see others if appropriate. It could be simple with some form of medication or could be counseling or both. Its worth every penny spent consulting your doctor to find out. You may have problems with stress or anxiety as well.

Q. Could be I’ve been having an anxiety attack? My husband is deployed right now; he's been gone for about 2.5 months. I was fine at first, but lately I have started having anxiety. At least I think that's what it is, I've never experienced this before. I get these nagging worries in my mind that just won't quit, and then I start to feel it all over my body like an aching... its difficult to describe. Anyway, I feel like I want to go to my doctor about this, but I am afraid he will see me as just someone trying to get a pill for something. But It also affecting my sleep and my well-being. What should I do? Are there any natural remedies for anxiety that I could try?

A. You can get over it, but you’ll need support. Talk with a friend of yours, pick a “not hysteric one” and tell her about it. If you know other women of other soldiers in his platoon- talk with them and they’ll understand you. Most of the time it’s just a phase and it’ll pass away. Got to a massage with a friend, shopping, anything fun. Talk with your husband and let him calm you down. If all this doesn’t work- talk to your Dr. and I’m sure he’ll understand.

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Therefore, in order to explain the origins of the unacceptable status quo 'dominant institutions inculcate a psychologized ideology and use the process of false consciousness to encourage widespread belief in unjustified assumptions about human nature' (see Sloan, 2000: 26).
Szasz agrees, as he decries the therapeutic state wherein all human behaviors and actions are psychologized and therapeutized and for which responsibility is dodged and exculpated.
Moreover, the creation of diagnoses such as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD), Gender Identity Disorder (GID), and Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) demonstrate what a psychologized society the United States has become.
Between these endpoints, Bozena Shallcross limns the innovative psychologized portraiture of painter Olga Boznanska (1865-1940); Elzbieta Ostrowska examines the provocative cinematic career of Poland's premier screen star, Krystyna Janda (b.
not only psychologized esotericism but he also sacralized psychology, by filling it with the contents of esoteric speculation.
With no more evidence than a few lines at the beginning and one or two later, critics have psychologized, sociologized, and ontologized the question.
He points out how both of them and many of the other popularizing Jewish theologians and thinkers adapt Mordecai Kaplan's psychologized theology for mass consumption.
He briefly traces the historical evolution of the devil from the Old Testament's vague, undefined cosmic foe to the more mythologized and psychologized devil of the Anglo-Saxons, proposing that the Old English literary devil can be categorized (a) as a malicious but reserved natural force, as attested in magic charms and medical texts, and (b) as a mannered, "lavish and literate" sort of devil (17), as in the majority of Old English narrative literature.
Do we really need or want a country full of psychologized, values-clarified citizens?
In some ways, Antin's critique of Language poets and their "exploiting, often elegantly, the distinctive properties of the English language" bears a slight resemblance to his critiques (in "black warrior") of Jarrell (for a kind of minor eloquence) and of Lowell (for a too narrow scope of psychologized lamentation).
More relentlessly than the other historicists, Siskin undertakes to dissolve the complex subject-object constructs of Romantic "ideology" into a system of formal generic relations: "In generically inquiring how that self [the modern psychologized subject] was written, I take such constituent parts as imagination, creativity, and development to be neither ahistorical ideas nor psychological truths, but formal features and strategies--parts that interrela te historically to produce a culture-specific whole" (11).
Dreams of reconciliation of all kinds permeate the book, and we see the beginnings perhaps of a social engagement looked for in earlier work, even if it is still in psychologized and romantic guise.