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psychoeducational (sīˈ·kō·ed·j·kāˑ·sh·nl),

adj adjunct health programs that address stress management and health education.
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Patients participate in individual and group therapy, psychoeducational groups, and holistic and recreational services.
The responsible institution has to carry out the following tasks with its specialists: Motivation, Psychoeducational group work, Cooperation with the executive department and the social service (including case discussions).
Radley teaches graduate courses in psychoeducational assessment and supervises clinic and school-based practicum.
Each chapter includes psychoeducational, yoga, and meditation practices.
Results are used to diagnose learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and giftedness; and to inform psychoeducational interventions and student education plans.
With the suspicion that Brynn was presenting with signs and symptoms suggestive of a learning disorder, her family was educated about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and it was recommended she receive a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation to further assess her intellectual profile, academic achievement, social functioning, and performance in the classroom using standardized tools.
For NICUs that want to implement a psychoeducational program, Melnyk's COPE program is an evidenced-based program that is well worth implementation.
The primary focus of this article is to lay the foundation for a psychoeducational approach to addressing child discipline with African American parents who have adolescent children living at home.
Fort Wayne) lead mental health practitioners, instructors, undergraduate and graduate students, and trainees through the process of designing and planning a group, focusing on psychoeducational and counseling/therapy groups and including case examples.
Michelle Perfect, PhD, the study's lead author and assistant professor in the school psychology program in the department of disability and psychoeducational studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson, said that school personnel should also consider the possibility that sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) contributes to difficulties with hyperactivity, learning and behavioral and emotional dysregulation in the classroom.
ERIC Descriptors: Stress Variables; Stress Management; Psychoeducational Methods; College Freshmen; Resilience (Psychology); Executive Function; Workshops; Lesson Plans; Skill Development; Brain; Academic Achievement; Student Adjustment; Academic Persistence; First Generation College Students; Minority Group Students; Research Methodology
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, 2004) criteria, school psychologist should carry out their own psychoeducational assessments to develop a profile of a student's functioning in the school setting.