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A psychopath.
Crazy; insane.
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Clover's feminist analysis of slasher films, a sub-genre launched by Psycho (Clover, 1992).
Three years after writing Psycho, Stefano returned to TV writing to create sci-fi show The Outer Limits with Leslie Stevens.
The relevance of Psycho to an analysis of the violence of mid-century American culture becomes clear when the film is examined in the context of three sociological documents that make an overt attempt to explore American culture of the times: the first, published ten years before Psycho, David Riesman's The Lonely Crowd (initially appearing in 1949); the second, published in 1959 as Hitchcock was making Psycho, C.
I was really starting to like these early morning calls from the originator of the psycho gleam--what better way to wake up in Hawaii than with a call from Jay Adams to skate perfect bowls?
Compared to the outrages of Scary Movie, whose movie-reference frame extends back a day and a half, Psycho Beach Party seems as tame and innocent as the drive-in movies it was subverting: Any wild-bikini relic exhumed by American Movie Classics' "American Pop
A NEW television drama set in a mental hospital has been slammed because it is called Psychos.
Herrmann in fact reflected the low-budget filming of Psycho by scoring his music purely for strings alone, but drew an amazing range of colour and articulation from them, from the pulsing on-the-road music as Janet Leigh drives out of town with a case-full of embezzled dollars right to the screeching sounds which accompany the terrifying ending.
Question: In which decade was Alfred Hitchcock''s Psycho released?
Director Sacha Gervasi has brought together a brilliant group of actors, including Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins in the role of Alfred Hitchcock, Academy Award winner Helen Mirren as his wife Alma Reville, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Toni Collette as Hitchcock's assistant Peggy Robertson, and for the actors who took the lead roles in PSYCHO, Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles and James D'Arcy as Anthony Perkins.
WHEN looking out for a workplace psycho, beware of those who:
This innovative screening uses the set up of the Leicester Square Theatre to pit Alfred Hitchcock's 1960s Psycho against Gus Van Sant's 1998 remake.
White leghorn Psycho was said to be traumatised by the ordeal.