psychiatric social worker

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psychiatric social worker (PSW)

a social worker who specializes in or works exclusively with the mentally ill.
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When collaborative care is warranted, it is provided on-site by the primary care provider, the nurse care manager, the psychiatric social worker, and the child and adolescent psychiatrist as needed.
The committee heard psychiatric social workers had been alerted by the landlady of Patient X, who reported his condition had deteriorated.
He began as a psychiatric social worker responsible for school children in southern California.
Andrea Marks, an adolescent medicine specialist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Betty Rothbart, a psychiatric social worker and educator.
Alderman Clinic in Siem Reap is counseled by a physician, a psychiatric social worker and by Buddhist monks.
The idea is that we can pool our resources and provide more than what we would have individually,'' said Patricia Kosich, a psychiatric social worker who has been working on housing for the mentally ill.
She began her career as an intake worker and psychiatric social worker in 1967.
Psychiatric social worker Patricia Kosich, who is spearheading efforts to increase county housing for the mentally ill, said since Gudeman was hired last year he has reviewed each patient's case to make sure they are living in the most appropriate setting available.
She worked as a psychiatric social worker for the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services from 1975 to 1982.
Having worked 15 years as a psychiatric social worker before founding the Westlake Culinary Institute, Phylis Vaccarelli knows first-hand why so many of her students turn to cooking in the middle of another career.
Our program has a 95 percent success rate, as we discuss both the psychological factors and the mechanics of flying," said Carol Stauffer, a psychiatric social worker with more than 20 years of experience.
This will be the second housing of this type in the county, said Patricia Kosich, a psychiatric social worker leading efforts to improve the county's housing.

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