psychiatric rehabilitation

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psy·chi·a·tric re·hab·i·li·ta·tion

(sī'kē-at'rik rē'hă-bil'i-tā'shŭn)
Service and support provided, with limited professional intervention, to people with long-term psychiatric disabilities to assist them in the performance of self-directed, self-satisfying functional life tasks.

psychiatric rehabilitation

Any intervention that helps people with psychiatric or psychological restrictions to participate successfully in school or work, the management of their own homes, and relationships with others.
Synonym: psychosocial rehabilitation
See also: rehabilitation
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President of Jordan Psychiatric Rehabilitation Society, Haifa Al-Bashir said the aid would be used for purchasing necessary equipment for Al Safsaf Rehabilitation Center such as a laundry machine, a refrigerator, a freezer and monitor cameras.
By definition, psychiatric rehabilitation in schizophrenia involves the use of psychosocial interventions to minimize symptoms and the possibility of relapse while maximizing social and vocational functioning.
The study notes that walking is one of the most frequently advocated forms of physical activity in psychiatric rehabilitation programs.
He spent two weeks in a high dependency unit and months at a psychiatric rehabilitation unit after losing his speech and memory.
AIM Center provides psychiatric rehabilitation services to help individuals achieve community acceptance and reintregration.
The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University (the Center), an RRTC, is unique as a research organization in mental health in that its mission and funding have always required that both time and money be invested in the translation and dissemination of research-based knowledge to users in the field, e.
She runs a program that brings primary care services into an established psychiatric rehabilitation program.
The relative ease of training and administration of the BPRS led corrections officials and mental health professionals at the RPC to consider its routine application to offenders who are admitted to its Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit.
The first SEd program described in the literature was at Boston University (BU), Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Mowbray, Brown, Furlong-Norman, & Sullivan-Soydan, 2002).
The psychiatric rehabilitation model as applied to vocational rehabilitation.
Social workers must become familiar with recovery-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation principles, because this method is encouraged by funding sources and demanded by consumers.
She was given a three-year psychiatric rehabilitation order.

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