psoriasis arthropica

pso·ri·a·sis ar·thro·p'i·ca

psoriasis associated with severe arthritis resembling rheumatoid arthritis, although serum rheumatoid factor is absent.
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8 mL for subcutaneous injection (adalimumab [genetical recombination]), a fully human anti-TNF-alpha monoclonal antibody, has been lifted in terms of a drug use results survey (all-case surveillance) for plaque psoriasis and psoriasis arthropica.
In approving plaque psoriasis and psoriasis arthropica as additional indications for Humira in January 2010, the MHLW imposed the following condition: "A post-marketing drug use results survey of all patients receiving Humira must be conducted until data has been collected for a pre-determined number of cases in order to promptly obtain safety and efficacy data for the drug, and appropriate measures must be taken to ensure its proper use.
The MHLW lifted the condition for approval based on a review of safety and efficacy data for Humira submitted to the Ministry in an interim report outlining analysis results of the all-case surveillance of 634 patients with plaque psoriasis and psoriasis arthropica.