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Referring to birds of the parrot family (parrots, parakeets, and budgerigars).


said of birds which are members of the order Psittaciformes, the parrots and parakeets.

psittacine beak and feather disease
occurs predominantly in young birds with their first contour feathers, but sometimes adults with previously normal feathers. There is a loss of contour and down feathers over most of the body, often progressing to complete baldness. The upper and lower beak may also be involved with inflammation, abnormal elongation, uneven wearing and transverse fracture lines. The disease is caused by circovirus.
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13) Although rosuvastatin pharmacokinetic data was not available for any bird species, it was hypothesized that a psittacine dose may be similar or higher than that determined for rodents.
In addition, frozen samples of the brain and proventriculus of 6 psittacine birds from Switzerland (n = 4) and Hungary (n = 2), also with clinical, pathoanatomical, and pathohistologic diagnosis of PDD, were used for investigation by RT-PCR only.
To our knowledge, this is the first description of a mesothelioma in a psittacine bird.
Incidence of respiratory tract chlamydial infections and importation of psittacine birds.
Pericardial effusion in psittacine birds is most commonly noninfectious and clear.
However, little is known about bacteria residing on the skin of nondomesticated species, such as psittacine birds, in a nondiseased state.
Fecal Gram's stains are commonly performed as a method of evaluating the gastrointestinal health of psittacine species.
Key words: Cryptosporidium, proventriculus, pathology, parasitology, psittacine birds
Two reports describe the incidence of candidiasis, including disease associated with the respiratory system, in psittacine birds.
Infectious disease testing recommendations are based on the individual patient but, in general, include Chlamydophila psittaci testing, as well as potential viral testing for psittacine beak and feather disease virus (circovirus).
Tap water and commercial, pelleted psittacine diet (Kaytee Exact, Kaytee Products, Chilton, WI, USA) were available ad libitum.
The purpose of this preliminary study was to assess the applicability of TEG in psittacine birds.