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Once these measures were implemented, the compressor discharge pressure was reduced from 120 psig to 100 psig, lowering the system pressure to 95 +/- 5 psig.
Valves offer on-off, switching, and crossover capabilities, working pressures to 3000 psig (206 bar), operating temperatures of 50 to 150 degrees F (10 to 65 degrees C), and end connection sizes from 1/16 to 3/4 in.
As an example, let's use an operating pressure of 145 psig for SDR 11 pipe, which is a hoop stress of 725 psi and an average annual ground temperature of 20[degrees]C (68[degrees]F).
Distribution pressure at intermediate controls was reduced to 80 psig [+ or -]2 lb, and a refrigerating air dryer was added to the system so that the multitude of open drains could permanently be closed.
It employs a high-performance CLASS 800 piston valve comprised of upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide tight sealing, suitable for PMA to 725 psig and PMO 725 psig.
Specifications include a large digital pressure display and a multi-color LED status display, 3000 PSIG (210 BAR) maximum inlet pressure, 0[degrees]F to 140[degrees]F temperature range, and 50 to 250 PSIG (0 to 17 BAR) adjustable pressure range, 1.
Features include 100 psig to full vacuum internal operation; a high speed chopper with 4" blade; VFD with digital readout, 50-300 rpm; a product thermocouple with digital readout; cast v-plows or heat transfer blades; multiple shaft seal configurations; and a non-rotating drum and fixed connections.
Compressed-air consumption can be as little as 3 scfm at 5 psig.
40 cfm at minimum continuous pressure of 35 psig and 1.
All- welded stainless steel constructed units are available in ranges from 0-1 psig to 0-60,000 psig.
New suction gas dryer rated at 100 scfm @ 20 psig inlet