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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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Most of what's claimed for 2012 relies on wishful thinking, wild pseudoscientific folly, ignorance of astronomy and a level of paranoia worthy of 'Night of the Living Dead,' " Ed Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, and an expert on ancient astronomy, wrote in an article in the November issue of Sky & Telescope.
Whether it is just wishful thinking, prayers for the stimulus package or peering into the pseudoscientific economic crystal ball, the hope is that the economy has not hit a plateau before another plunge.
The women joke that there is a lot of estrogen between the walls and, all of them being Italian, come up with a pseudoscientific equation that it is "estrogen times 10.
Evaristo also includes several chapters narrated by Doris's master, who justifies the practice of slavery on pseudoscientific grounds and even congratulates himself on saving the brutal "whyte" heathens from lives of savagery.
The real problem is the pseudoscientific ideology behind today's crisis.
Numerous scientific and pseudoscientific terms were inserted into sentences that were devoid of meaning.
Nevertheless, ardent analysts still continue to peddle their potted theories derived from one of the many long-dead fantasists (otherwise revered as theorists), and sometimes our courts still swallow these pseudoscientific pronouncements.
Many postsecondary educators are concerned about the rising tide of pseudoscientific, fundamentally anti-intellectual belief among otherwise well educated American (Bates, 1991, p.
Pseudoscientific studies involve information that sounds scientific, but in reality is not; they are not based on good scientific methods.
The pseudoscientific method of research utilizes the testing and/or explanation of a hypothesis to support the hypothesis, not to validate its assumptions .
So much in vogue these days is political spin buttressed by pseudoscientific authority.