pseudoplastic fluid

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pseu·do·plas·tic flu·id

a fluid which exhibits shear thinning.
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They have studied the shape and the size of cavern generated around a radial-flow Scaba 6SRGT impeller in the mixing of xanthan gum solution, which is a pseudoplastic fluid possessing yield stress.
1996): "study on surge Pressure for Yield Pseudoplastic Fluid in a Concentric Annulus", Applied mathematics and mechanics, Vol.
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The lower limit of this curve corresponds to a very pseudoplastic fluid (n [is less than] 0.
Pseudoplastic fluids become thinner when the shear rate increases, until the viscosity reaches a plateau of limit viscosity.
A reader posits that both are, erm, non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluids and "thixotropic".
Batch Heat Transfer Coefficients for Pseudoplastic Fluids in Agitated Vessels.
Measured and computed velocity profiles for laminar flow of yield pseudoplastic fluids in concentric and eccentric annuli have been given also by Escudier et al.
1987) apud Queiroz (1998), juices and pulps are considered as pseudoplastic fluids, and the Newtonian behavior is determined by the pulp content of the product--juices without pulp, or with little pulp, behave as Newtonians fluids.