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A mineral found crystallized in a form that is not proper to it but to some other mineral.
[pseudo- + G. morphē, form]
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Since their first market appearance late in 2006, the azurite and pseudomorphous malachite specimens from the Milpillas mine have become well-known to mineral collectors, and a fair number of dealers have secured supplies.
Many of the larger yellow crystals have a dull to waxy, grainy or spongy, pseudomorphous or etched appearance.
determined that hydrodresserite dehydrates to dresserite, and that some dresserite is in fact pseudomorphous after hydrodresserite.
And there could be fewer captions like the one that calls the Sterling Hill mine an "Eldorado," or the one that says that a pictured (and quite remarkable) German specimen of manganite pseudomorphous after calcite is a "black ugly" which we ought to force ourselves to look at anyway.
83), Lanny Ream came out with abundant specimens of milky quartz pseudomorphous after apophyllite from a locality in central Idaho then designated as Antelope Flats.
Also emerging in small numbers from the North Home mine are milky white sprays of quartz pseudomorphous after hemimorphite crystals, and for these, and for the vanadinite (which, by the way, is correctly called vanadinite and not "endlichite"), you may apply to Chris Tucker Minerals (P.
The sharp, transparent, hexagonal-prismatic crystals of this rare member of the kaolinite-serpentine group reach 5 mm, and form solid seam linings in massive black chromite, occasionally with pale brown cubes of rutile pseudomorphous after perovskite.
One specimen of drusy brown siderite pseudomorphous after rhombohedral crystals of calcite, from the Turt mine, Maramures, Romania, is about 30 X 50 cm in size, the calcite crystals averaging 10 cm.
The illite, which is pseudomorphous after pyroxene, occurs with chlorite and low quartz.
In short, the corundum specimens appeared to be pseudomorphous after spinel.