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A mineral found crystallized in a form that is not proper to it but to some other mineral.
[pseudo- + G. morphē, form]
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In these chapters we read of the relations between the rhombohedral and orthorhombic carbonates and between calcite and its orthorhombic polymorph, aragonite; of calcite crystal symmetry, and the concepts of axes, planes and centers of symmetry, and basic crystallographic forms; of pseudomorphism, and pseudomorphing of other species by and after calcite; of optical phenomena like double refraction and the polarization of light; and of fluorescence as a function of trace-element chemistry.
The original mineral assemblage could not be examined, but could be partly reconstructed on the basis of the pseudomorphism.
The hogbomite itself comes in very sharp, black, hexagonal crystals, usually in or on the spinel, and, occasionally, when the pseudomorphism has proceeded fully, in or on the corundum.
Pseudomorphism can turn beautiful crystals into unsightly fossils of solid rust.
Cross-links according to mineral groups and pseudomorphism also operate smoothly.
They appear never to be pure witherite, but their weight attests that the pseudomorphism to calcite is never complete, either.