prurigo nodularis

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any of several itchy skin eruptions in which the characteristic lesion is dome-shaped with a small transient vesicle on top, followed by crusting or lichenification. adj., adj prurig´inous.
prurigo gestatio´nis (prurigo gestationis of Besnier) an extremely pruritic condition of unknown etiology occurring in the third trimester of pregnancy, characterized by the development of tiny crust-covered excoriated papules mainly on the extensor surfaces of the limbs but also found on the upper trunk and other areas of the body, and leaving a postinflammatory residue on resolution of the lesions. It tends to clear after delivery and to recur with subsequent pregnancies.
prurigo mi´tis prurigo of a mild type.
prurigo nodula´ris a form of neurodermatitis, usually occurring on the extremities in middle-aged women, marked by discrete, firm, rough-surfaced, dark brownish-gray, intensely itchy nodules.
prurigo sim´plex papular urticaria.

pru·ri·go no·du·la·'ris

an eruption of hard, dome-shaped nodules (Picker nodules) in the skin caused by rubbing and accompanied by intense itching; occasionally due to mycobacterial infection, the cause is usually unknown.

lichen simplex chronicus

A dermopathy characterised by intensely pruritic nodules on the arms or legs, often with excoriations due to itching.

Idiopathic; it may be associated with Becker's nevus, linear IgA disease, and liver disease, and triggered by internal malignancy, liver or renal failure.

Systemic pruritus—cholestasis, thyroid disease, polycythaemia rubra vera, uraemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, HIV and other immune deficiencies; delusions of parasitosis and other psychiatric conditions.

pru·ri·go no·du·la·ris

(prū-rī'gō nod'yū-lār'is)
An eruption of hard nodules (picker's nodules) in the skin caused by rubbing and accompanied by intense itching.


James N., U.S. dermatologist, 1840-1910.
Hyde disease - an eruption of hard nodules in the skin caused by rubbing and accompanied by intense itching. Synonym(s): picker's nodules; prurigo nodularis
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As a result, prurigo nodularis can negatively affect a person's quality of life-interfering with daily activities, social interactions, and sleep.
The trial is a double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II study in sixty patients with prurigo nodularis, an orphan disease.
Unfortunately, current therapy options for this orphan disease remain poor thus the unmet medical need for a successful treatment alternative for prurigo nodularis and chronic pruritus remains high.
Prodromal veya erken evre BP ilk olarak 1985 yilinda Asbrink ve Hovmark (46) tarafindan tanimlanmis olup, bul veya vezikul olmaksizin yaygin pruritus, yaygin urtikeryal plaklar, eritemli plaklar, prurigo nodularis tipi lezyonlar veya eritrodermi ile seyreden olgular bildirilmistir.
Berger's patients on thalidomide for prurigo nodularis developed stroke.
Unfortunately, patients with prurigo nodularis are more susceptible than others to neurotoxicity associated with thalidomide, so he prescribes it according to an aggressive protocol that involves a neurologic evaluation at baseline and frequent nerve conduction studies.
Hastalar tekrarlayan kazimalarin prurigo nodularis lezyonlarini arttirdigi konusunda uyarilmalidir.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Eczema and xerosis in patients with HIV can develop into prurigo nodularis, Dr.
Andrulis is also sponsoring a pilot Phase II trial against Crohn's disease and is planning studies against multiple sclerosis, recalcitrant psoriasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, prurigo nodularis and AIDS.