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Furthermore, the following conditions must be observed - Compliance with the waste hierarchy according KrWG and the AbfPV-Bavaria,- Compliance with and implementation of the provisions of the Regulation on waste management plan Bavaria (AbfPV-Bayern), Elimination of self-sufficiency- Observation of the proximity principle by a vote surcharge.
The problem with the proximity principle is it tends to create homogeneous networks that lack diversity," Uzzi says.
Seen from the standpoint of David Hume's proximity principle, this seems unrealistic.
Rejecting Hume's proximity principle, she opposes "morally arbitrary" national boundaries, arguing that it is unjust to consider someone in need of help but who lives outside one's borders as less deserving of one's capacity to help than someone who lives within them.
Furthermore it encourages the importation of waste for incineration which undermines the planning proximity principle "That waste should where ever possible be treated in the locality of where it is generated".
In a separate action, brought by Teesside resident, also due in the High Court today, the EA will be challenged as to why it did not consider the proximity principle - under which waste is dealt with as close to its source as possible - when issuing the original waste licence.
2012 on wastes) and the proximity principle (Article 20 of the Law of 14.
In addition, this proposed transhipment is a flagrant breach of the proximity principle that waste (particularly hazardous waste) should, so far as possible, be dealt with proximate to the location in which it arises.
This integration expects to take advantage of energy synergies between the two processes through the proximity principle - bioethanol production will harness heat from the refining processes and cooling from the refinery water supply facilities.
Consideration will be given to the proximity principle, haulage costs from each of the Council Depots and the environmental impact of tenders when awarding the Contract(s).
The old Common Food Policy must be abandoned in favour of sustainability principles and proximity principles, as enshrined in the Treaty of Rome.