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Intussusception occurs when a proximal segment of intestine invaginates into a distal segment or vice versa, a potential cause of obstruction.
Endopod 2-segmented, proximal segment with 1 distal seta; distal segment with 1 subterminal and 4 terminal setae.
Part 1: Abdominal Aortic stentgraft, bifurcation without free-flow proximal segment.
The segment in between the proximal segment and distal segment was fractured and was called fractured segment.
Valet also provides a new level of guidewire crossing support on account of its seamless, powder coated shaft and reinforced layers of microwire wind on the proximal segment of the catheter.
On ureteroscopy, the ureteral mucosa on the right proximal segment of the ureter appeared edematous and erythematous.
Intussusception is the telescoping of a proximal segment of bowel wall into the lumen of an adjacent, usually distal segment.
Since the basal five spikelets, being supported by four internodes have been designated as proximal segment of the ear [3] it may be assumed that the declension in the number of central vascular bundles in this zone was to the tune of only two vascular bundles or to say an average 0.
Apposition of tracheal ends was difficult and resulted in an abrupt reduction in lumen diameter and mild flattening of the proximal segment (Fig 5).
Regarding its internal conformation, two fascicles in the proximal segment and four fascicles in the distal segment were identified.
Putnam (1993) described a theoretical interaction in the motion of two segments, in which a decrease in the speed of a proximal segment is largely due to the motion-dependent effect of the distal segment.

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