provisional prosthesis

pro·vi·sion·al pros·the·sis

an interim dental prosthesis worn for varying periods of time.

pro·vi·sion·al pros·the·sis

(prŏ-vizh'ŭn-ăl pros-thē'sis)
Interim dental prosthesis worn for varying periods of time.
Synonym(s): interim prosthesis.

provisional prosthesis,

n an interim prosthesis worn for varying periods.
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In many cases, using the CADCAM guided technology also allows for the creation of an immediate provisional prosthesis, which can be delivered on the same day as the dental implant treatment.
In the meantime, to provide an immediate temporary solution and to enable the patient to recover socially, the maxillofacial prosthodontist constructed an eyeglasses-supported provisional prosthesis.
The flow chart of the process used to make the provisional prosthesis is shown in Figure 2.
Finally, we reconnected the provisional prosthesis to the eyeglasses with a bolt (Figure 7(b)) and delivered the prosthesis to the patient (Figure 8).
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