provider identification number

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pro·vid·er i·den·ti·fi·ca·tion num·ber

(PIN) (prō-vī'dĕr ī-den'ti-fi-kā'shŭn num'bĕr)
Method used to identify a health care provider in terms of relations with a specific insurance company.
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The deadline for organizations and individual providers to obtain a National Provider Identification number as described by Oatway (Computer Technology) is:
Infoblox's service provider identification number (SPIN) for the E-Rate program is: 143035054.
Key additions to the product include a Formal Health Record, the ability to co-sign progress notes electronically, utilization of National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Unique Provider Identification Number (UPIN), enhanced wellness and disease management, SureScripts certified e-prescribing, and numerous other enhancements.
Our data services include the NCPDP Provider Identification Number, a unique identifier of over 68,000 pharmacies and HCIdea, "The Prescriber Identity Solution.

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