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A term used by managed care organizations, referring to anyone rendering medical care, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others.


a hospital, clinic, health care professional, or group of health care professionals who provide a service to patients.


Managed care
A doctor, hospital, healthcare professional or healthcare facility.
An organisation which provides health and social services to one or more patients.

Provider (UK)
NHS Hospital trusts, GP groups, PCTs, social services, voluntary organisations and sometimes independent (private) institutions that provide healthcare services commissioned by (under contract with) the Health Authority or Primary Care Group(s)/Trust(s).

In UK medical parlance, a provider is not an individual person, as the term is commonly used in the US, but rather the organisation or location wherein service is provided.


Informatics See Internet provider Medtalk Health care provider A person–eg, doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, or institution–eg, hospital, clinic, or lab, that provides medical care. See Alternative site provider, Application service provider, Handicapped health care provider, Health care provider, Impaired health care provider, Incapacitated health care provider, Internet provider, Medical service provider, Mental health provider, Midlevel provider, Participating provider, Plan provider.


A person or agency that supplies goods or services, particularly medical or paramedical services.
[L. pro-videre]


A person or agency that supplies goods or services, particularly medical or paramedical services.
[L. pro-videre]


n 1. a governmental term used to denote health care institutions; sometimes used as a synonym for
practitioner. 2. used by insurance companies to denote the practitioner of the health care service(s).

Patient discussion about provider

Q. Does it provide me with good results and if so, how? I have been advised to take milk as a meal before practice. Does it provide me with good results and if so, how?

A. Unless and until an athlete has an allergy to milk or is lactose intolerant, there is no reason to avoid skim milk. These are an excellent source of both carbohydrate and protein with very little or no fat. Having 8 ounces of skim or 1% milk or yogurt up to 2 hours before a competitive event can even help boost blood sugar (forms of carbohydrate) for the early minutes of the competition. The protein will kick in with additional fuel a little later.

Q. I love my wife and kindly request you to provide me some suggestions. Hello, My wife is pregnant and is in the second month. I have been noticing that she has been vomiting every night and to add to my worry, I have noticed some blood smell and red color on her vomited residue. I am not sure the reason for this kind of condition….something going wrong…….she does not even feel weak and do not want to consult the doctor. She just says that she is normal..........…I love my wife and kindly request you to provide me some suggestions.

A. Get her to the hospital pronto to rule everything out if its minor!
There may be an underlying problem that really needs to be checked out! GO!

Q. Provide me some examples of food labels and nutrition calculations. Hello, Can any one provide me some examples of food labels and nutrition calculations?

A. I have given some 5 basic questions and answers which are related to food labels and nutrition calculations. Hope you will find it useful:

1. How many calories would you consume if you ate the entire bag?
90 calories x 4 servings = 360 calories

2. What is the total amount of calories that come from fat in the entire bag?
30 calories from fat x 4 servings = 120 calories

3. What is the percentage of calories that come from fat in the entire bag?
120 calories from fat ÷ 360 calories = 33%

4. How many calories per serving come from carbohydrates?
13 g Carbohydrates x 4 calories = 52 calories

5. How many calories per serving come from protein?
3 g Protein x 4 calories = 12 calories

Hope you find is useful.

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