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n a healthy person who takes a homeopathic remedy and then reports its effects. Also called
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JGC Aramco Al Mujaiz Terminal: metering skid with prover, 3
The output generated by the Prover iLock solution is used in automated development of interlocking software, or is applied in analysis of an existing interlocking, using formal verification and simulation.
The benefits of the Prover iLock solution includes consistent software design and software code for all interlocking systems, an automated development process that saves engineering time and cost, push-button code generation, formal verification and simulation-based functional testing on the desktop rather than in the factory or field, with improved safety verification coverage by the use of formal verification.
Our investment in Prover allows Synopsys to promote the application of technologies traditionally used for designing integrated circuits in different industries.
We are happy to be collaborating with Prover on this product, since it has truly unique expertise.
They prover d the saying a - that it is the taking part that counts rather than the winning - to be absolutely l correctr by havinga the maturity to cope with their inevitae blea disappointment at not going through r to the final round and continuingn to play a a full role in their questioning and challenging of the eventual v winners.
Once a barrel was proofed, the prover stamped the breech with a "P" for proof, his initials and the year of the proof.
As conclusoes sao a parte mais importante da pesquisa: prover uma interpretacao dos resultados, confronta-los com a teoria vigente e com os resultados de outras pesquisas, destacar as lacunas preenchidas e tambem evidenciar as que foram deixadas para futuras pesquisas.
Stephen Prover, a Torrance psychiatrist, routinely prescribes generics because he believes they work just as well as brand-name drugs at less cost, which is a big plus for his patients.
INTERNET Service Prover (ISP) Be have launched Be Home 24 Meg - the UK's fastest broadband service.
Team chief Corrado Prover a said: ``We are sure there is nothing really important wrong.
One more possibility is that among composite therapeutic signals from a vegetable remedy only one signal gets selected in one prover.