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n a healthy person who takes a homeopathic remedy and then reports its effects. Also called
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It may be even more challenging to prove reliance by banks extending loans, especially in cases involving self-employed borrowers who default on an obligation.
Items obtained by search warrants, such as bank records, may prove helpful.
It can measure the gas being purchased and it can be used to prove all the high pressure meters used downstream in the distribution system.
But later, the memo notes that in a rising market, "every owner of income-producing property may be able to prove their assessment is unequal using a sales-based ratio.
Fourth, intensify and accelerate efforts to prove or debunk the grizzly's existence in the San Juans.
In order for the government to prove knowledge when a defendant deliberately avoids finding out whether a vehicle or package contains illegal drugs, the government must prove that the defendant was aware of a high probability that he possessed a prohibited drug and deliberately avoided learning the truth.
The plan must reflect all of the elements that the investigator needs to prove for the case to be prosecuted successfully.
All hostage or barricade situations prove unique, and few absolute strategies exist in the negotiation profession.
Wos first came across the problem in 1979, when he helped a student develop a novel way of attacking it by working backwards-that is, by finding conditions that, if true, would prove the theorem.
Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to have been correct.
We are very excited by our other prospects and the effect they will have on Petrol's Net Asset Value as we begin to produce and then prove up these new project areas.