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A structural subunit of a larger structure. Protomers may themselves consist of subunits. For example, tubulin, an αβ dimer, is the protomer for microtubules.
[G. protos, first, + -mer 1]
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dagger]) Following the model of the hepatitis A virus protomer of Ming Luo (Figure 1).
Toxin protomers must first bind to target membranes by either unidentified high-affinity receptors or through nonspecific absorption to substances such as phosphotidylcholine or cholesterol on the lipid bilayer (6-8).
Human CRP consists of five identical protomers and each of these has a binding site for the many intrinsic and extrinsic ligands (9).
Crystal packaging and biochemical characteristics suggest that these proteins form hexameric units that may well represent protomers in the carboxysome assembly pathway.
We will determine whether picornavirus virions assemble from capsid protein protomers around the condensed genome or if the genome is packaged into a pre-formed empty capsid.
When calcium-binding sites are not occupied, the protomers of CRP undergo structural changes and have a looser conformation (1, 13, 14), allowing for weaker interactions between the subunits.
Human testosterone-binding globulin is a dimer composed of two identical protomers that are differently glycosylated.