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The undifferentiated cells of very young embryos, from which the primordial germ layers will evolve.
[proto- + G. derma, skin]


n. Botany
The primary meristem that gives rise to epidermis. Also called dermatogen.

pro′to·derm′al adj.
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The protoderm cell also develops a further polarity, in that a pre-prophase band of microtubules determines the site of cell plate formation (Gunning et al.
Trichoblasts in Sinapis alba (Peterson, 1967) and in Lepidium sativum (Volkmann & Peters, 1995) can be recognized very early in protoderm differentiation by their position overlying intercellular spaces in the cortex and by their abundance of cellular organelles; this latter feature was also noted in rice by Kawata and Chung (1979).
The somatic embryos formed on the Pierik medium containing 10 [micro]M of 2,4-D contained procambium and exhibited a welldefined delimitation of the protoderm layer (Figure 4E).