protein catabolic rate

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protein catabolic rate (PCR)

a calculation derived by multiplying 6.25 times the amount of nitrogen in grams excreted in the urine over a given time period, which represents the amount of protein catabolized by the body in excess of protein synthesis. In a healthy steady state of nitrogen balance, it approximates the amount of protein in the diet.

protein catabolic rate



In patients receiving hemodialysis, the quantity of urea that appears in the blood between two dialysis sessions—a function of the amino acid content of the patient's diet.
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Her weight had been fairy stable at 58 kg, as was her protein catabolic rate at 1.
It was found that patients in the group with > 5% gain exhibited higher Kt/V, solute removal index, urea reduction ratio, predialysis blood urea nitrogen (BUN), urea removal rate, and protein catabolic rate (PCR) than those in the < 5% group.
Also, the protein catabolic rate, an indicator of nutrition, can be calculated using urea kinetics.