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protandry, protogyny

a state of hermaphroditism in which the male gonad matures before the female gonad.
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As a result of selection for protandry of males, early matured males develop faster and have a smaller body size than conspecific females (Abrams et al.
There is a lack of evidence to support the hypothesis that protandry may occur in channeled whelk.
Judging from the few species that have been studied, most exhibit protandry, their sex changing from male to female with fish growth.
For development time, weight at metamorphosis and biomass, independent ANOVAs were performed for each sex, because protandry and sex-related size dimorphism are features of mosquitoes.
2008), or from rapid development and protandry (Bidau & Marti 2008c, Hochkirch & Groning 2008), allowing males to reach adulthood and be ready to mate when the females mature (Wiklund 1995).
Moreover, in some species large males mature early and this is favored if there is protandry, i.
Fast silking may offer some advantages by increasing silk exposure to shedding pollen, and this could lead to increased kernel set under conditions of protandry (pollen shed before silk emergence), as can occur in drought environments when the interval between pollen shed and silk emergence is increased (Johnson and Herrero, 1981; Hall et al.
Flowers are self-compatible, but spontaneous autogamy occurs very infrequently due to protandry and to the spatial separation of anthers and stigma.
In Bidens (Asteraceae), Schultz and Ganders (1996) stressed the importance of inbreeding depression in the evolution of gynodioecy, although Sun and Ganders (1986) suggested that in addition to expression of inbreeding depression, protandry in hermaphrodites (thus requiring two visits to contribute genes through pollen and ovules) may be a factor favoring females in gynodioecious populations.
Occurrence of protandry and a female-biased sex-ratio in a sponge-associated water mite (Acari: Unionicolidae).
Protandry is common among bivalves, as demonstrated by studies that have shown unequal sex ratios between different size classes (e.