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protandry, protogyny

a state of hermaphroditism in which the male gonad matures before the female gonad.
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A hypothesis to explain the incidence of protandry in butterflies.
We also tested whether several ecological variables, including territoriality, habitat, wintering and breeding ranges, and number of clutches per season could explain variation in the magnitude of protandry, the effects of climate change on arrival times of birds, and changes in sex ratios.
The emergence patterns of males and females were strikingly similar, with no evidence for protandry or protogyny.
Late gonochorism, protandry, protogyny, and hermaphroditism are the recognized reproductive styles of sparids (Smale, 1988; Buxton and Garratt, 1990).
Protandry was found mainly among members of Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, and Gunneraceae, with protogyny among the genera Drimys, Eryngium, Loctoris, Myrceugenia, and Plantago.
Protandry and the evolution of environmentally mediated sex change: a study of the Mollusca.
8% of females) emerged during the scotophase; no protandry was observed.
Oyster life history strategy evolved over thousands of years and is based on (1) the presumed life expectancy of 10-20 y (Powell & Cummings 1985), (2) sequential protandry resulting in larger individuals being female, (3) a nonlinear relationship between size and fecundity (Cox & Mann 1992), and (4) a nonlinear relationship between size and the contribution to the habitat (Mann et al.