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Medspeak A popular term for a physician or scientist whose major source of income derives from his/her role as an expert witness in medical malpractice, and his or her willingness to agree with whomever is paying for the expertise
Vox populi A sex worker
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Specifically, it explores the representation of lower-class female prostitutes when they were involved in violent or aggressive confrontations as either the victims or perpetrators of assaults.
While people seek prostitutes for a variety of reasons, I urge anyone who engages in this behavior to put their health and safety first.
A woman named Gaby Del Campo tweeted a message to Bieber offering the services of prostitutes earlier this week before sharing a picture of dollars she claimed the singer paid her.
A MARRIED man was caught trying to pick up prostitutes in Coventry after he fell out with his wife.
Summary: Amsterdam: The city of Amsterdam said Tuesday it will raise the legal age of prostitutes .
Thus far, we have not found that this type of behavior was exhibited by any of these individuals before," Sullivan had testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in May, referring to the 12 agents who were accused of drinking and cavorting with prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of President Barack Obama's visit for the Summit of the Americas.
Simply, legal protections were not available to prostitutes or people of colour at that time in the 'Deep South' of America.
Bulgaria ranks anywhere between the third and the fifth place in Europe by the number of prostitutes, according to Stefan Popov, researcher from the Risk Monitor Foundation.
Prostitutes in the German city of Bonn must carry a ticket purchased from a new parking meter-like machine while working the streets or face hefty fines from tax authorities in a scheme launched on Monday night.
The latest story: Male prostitutes can use condoms to prevent transmission of AIDS.
A SENIOR garda has called for a UK-style poster campaign to force Irish men to think twice before hiring prostitutes.
Mavrou was responding to eyewitness reports that men were being approached by prostitutes in Eleftheria Square in broad daylight.