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Medspeak A popular term for a physician or scientist whose major source of income derives from his/her role as an expert witness in medical malpractice, and his or her willingness to agree with whomever is paying for the expertise
Vox populi A sex worker
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The investigation later determined McClain paid the prostitute with deposit and donation money from the store.
France Wednesday passed a law punishing the clients of prostitutes, following in the footsteps of Sweden, Norway and Iceland -- three countries at the forefront of women's rights.
Nevertheless, the newspaper press occasionally reported on the murder or assault of a prostitute at the hands of a potential male client.
Bieber had reportedly rented a private mansion, after he was thrown out of the Copacabana Palace Hotel for bringing prostitutes to his room.
Pam Meinert, prosecuting, said: "When the defendant was interviewed he admitted driving round the area looking for a prostitute.
A prostitute is further stigmatised once their information about having worked as a prostitute appears on the public records.
They recommend stopping legal penalties for prostitutes under the "idler" clause and training policemen in changing their view that prostitutes are criminals.
Male prostitutes don't immediately come to mind when I am considering AIDS.
The head of Cyprus' human trafficking unit said yesterday sexual exploitation was "getting serious" after undercover police caught two Romanian prostitutes red handed in Paphos at the weekend.
The law, part of the Policing and Crime Act 2009, would lead to users being fined up to pounds 1000 if caught with a prostitute.
Using a condom is the norm in Mexico, while no condom is the default in Chicago unless the customer bargains toward it, which might make it harder for the prostitute to credibly argue for a higher price.
2 with murdering prostitute Rachel Quinney--his second prostitute-related murder charge; and Quinney was only one of a dozen prostitutes missing from the streets of Edmonton.