prosthetic valves

pros·thet·ic valves

valves used to replace human valves. They are divided into mechanical and tissue valves. The tissue is divided into homografts and heterografts.
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Major predisposing factors to endocarditis are underlying acquired or congenital cardiac valvular abnormalities, such as acquired or congenital cardiac valvular abnormalities, such as rheumatic heart disease, including the presence of prosthetic valves in heart, and central venous access catheters which provide a nidus for the infectious organism.
aureus is frequently fulminant and results in major local complications such as valve destruction and perivalvular extension, leading to partial or total prosthesis dehiscence when prosthetic valves are present [7].
Restricted procedure for the conclusion of framework agreement for the supply of stents, prosthetic valves existing percutaneous occluding for hemodynamics.
These factors can include age greater than 60 years, intravenous drug use, valvular disease, prosthetic valves, pacemakers, congenital heart disease, chronic hemodialysis, HIV infection, and upper respiratory tract infection.
The distribution of infection for native and prosthetic valves in our study were 31(75.
Dr Valiathan, who was the Director of Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology in Thiruvananthapuram for 20 years, has contributed immensely to the development of medical technology by developing indigenous prosthetic valves and a series of disposable devices such as blood bag, oxygenator and cardiotomy reservoir, and vascular graft which are now in commercial production.
The analysis of 11 studies involving 5,317 adults with atrial fibrillation (AF) but no history of stroke or prosthetic valves showed a significant increase in the risk of silent cerebral infarctions (odds ratio, 2.
Prosthetic valves are used when a natural heart valve can no longer open or close properly, causing a disruption in blood flow into and out of the heart.
Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) have been reported more frequently as a cause of infective endocarditis than Mycobacterium tuberculosis, especially of prosthetic valves.
Thoppil, Interventional Cardiologist at NMC said Raj, with a rheumatic heart condition, arrived at the hospital with severe infection and massive clots to his prosthetic valves.
Chronic Q fever involving prosthetic valves is associated with a higher mortality rate, longer treatment, and elevated chance of complications (9).
While there are several new generations of valves in clinical trials, there are only 2 prosthetic valves currently in commercial use, known as the Metronic CoreValve and Edwards SAPIEN XT.