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See circle.


(sĭr′kū-lar) [L. circularis]
1. Shaped like a circle.
2. Recurrent.

Patient discussion about circular

Q. Can you treat urinary incontinence by only making exercise of circular muscles? I heard the exercise help but dont know if it is enough by itself.

A. This technique you have mentioned is called "bio-feedback" and it helps many people with urinary incontinence, by raising your awareness to muscles in your body you don't usually pay attention to, thus making you able to control them better. I do not think this is an only way to treat incontinence, however with the addition of the proper medications you can find this very helpful.

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This Supplemental Prospectus and the Prospectus are to be read in
statement in this Supplemental Prospectus or any statement incorporated
by reference into the Prospectus by this Supplemental Prospectus and (b)
prior to the date of this Supplemental Prospectus, the statements in (a)
Supplemental Prospectus themselves incorporate any information or other
other documents will not form part of this Supplemental Prospectus for
the purposes of the Prospectus Directive except where such information
Save as disclosed in this Supplemental Prospectus and the Prospectus
inaccuracy relating to information contained in the Prospectus which is
The distribution of the Prospectus, this Supplemental Prospectus,
any other supplements to the Prospectus and any Final Terms and the