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The investment would further strengthen BASF's backward integration into propylene and grow its propylene-based downstream activities, leading to a stronger market position in North America.
Traditionally, propylene is a byproduct of certain refining processes, but those processes no longer produce enough propylene to meet rising global demand.
The most important of the on-purpose technologies for the production of propylene is the dehydrogenation of propane (PDH technology).
The study analysed the effect of the shale gas boom in the US and the new production processes will have on the global market for propylene and its derivatives, said Oliver Kutsch, chief executive officer of Ceresana.
It has created a huge amount of uncertainty about future supplies of propylene, the most important of the co-products, as well as butadiene and to a lesser extent, benzene.
The Praxair team designed a system whereby an inverted propylene cylinder is connected to a recovery compressor, which then transfers the propylene to an intermediate holding vessel.
PP1: A low-molecular weight propylene homopolymer with an intrinsic viscosity of 0.
Browse through the TOC of North American ethylene propylene diene monomer market for an in-depth analysis of the industry trends and segments, with help of various tables and figures.
Ltd became the first Chinese producer to start production of propylene using UOP C3 Oleflex process technology, which efficiently produces propylene from propane.
Direct applications include, besides the plastic polypropylene, chemicals such as propylene oxide, acrylonitrile, cumene, butyraldehyde and acrylic acid.
Ascend Performance Materials Operations LLC will use Honeywell's UOP C3 Oleflex[TM] process technology to convert propane to propylene, a key ingredient in the production of materials such as nylon, films, and packaging.