proprioceptive influence

proprioceptive influence,

n the influence of the muscle sense (kinesthetic sense) in guiding the jaw to close in such a way as not to be injurious to the teeth.
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Illusions, such as the DHT, which can probably be adapted for the lower limb, (35,36) provide an opportunity to investigate proprioceptive influence over self-localization in states of pain or apparent threat.
In both cases, one might predict that dancers with chronic pain or indeed the conviction that a particular body part is vulnerable to injury might not show such evidence of heightened proprioceptive influence.
102) This would imply that the apparently large proprioceptive influence in dancers predates their dancing, but also clearly contradicts bioplasticity principles (i.
The functional status of the patient is also improved by leaving the anterior cruciate ligament intact [15-18], while maintaining the proprioceptive influence of the cruciate ligaments gives a better functional result for the patient with advanced OA, with improved overall patient satisfaction and stair climbing [1, 19, 20].
Simultaneously, facilitation from both types of receptors acts on the resting antagonist muscle and the consequences of such proprioceptive influences are that the agonist muscle becomes less excitable while its antagonist increases in excitability.
Lackner J (1988) Some proprioceptive influences on the perceptual representation of body shape and orientation.