proportional counter

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pro·por·tion·al count·er

a Geiger-Müller counter operating in the voltage range and under conditions in which pulse height is proportional to the energy of the particles or rays being counted, thus making discrimination between particles or rays of different energies possible.
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RXTE carried three instruments, the Proportional Counter Array (PCA) and the High Energy X-ray Timing Experiment (HEXTE), which could be directed to specific targets.
Systems based on PIN, SiLi and proportional counter detectors were included.
X-ray diffraction pattern for HA powder and HA coating were recorded in a Philips Ph-1730 X-ray crystallographic unit provided with a proportional counter.
Since the beginning of EPMA analysis, analog electronics have been used to amplify and discriminate the x-ray induced ionizations within the proportional counter.