proportional counter

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pro·por·tion·al count·er

a Geiger-Müller counter operating in the voltage range and under conditions in which pulse height is proportional to the energy of the particles or rays being counted, thus making discrimination between particles or rays of different energies possible.
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Since the beginning of EPMA analysis, analog electronics have been used to amplify and discriminate the x-ray induced ionizations within the proportional counter.
Petre credits the shadowy findings to ROSAT's Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter, particularly its ability to distinguish real X-rays from spurious electronic signals.
Features include mechanical or optical x-ray beam collimation, gas proportional counter or semiconductor x-ray detector, and dual-encoded stage driver options.
A fragment of a large crystal grown for neutron diffraction studies and the availability of one of the first commercially produced x-ray area-detector system, a Xentronics (#) multiwire image proportional counter, led to one of the highest-resolution datasets for an enzyme, 1.
A decade later Rosat turned its Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (PSPC) toward the spiral galaxy and captured the contour map reproduced below.
Using observations of the Imaging Proportional Counter on the Einstein Observatory satellite, they found first that the intensity of X-ray halos represents an amount of dust consistent with what astrophysicists had calculated from the observed absorption of visible light.
Designed to measure Na-U in almost any matrix, from low PPM up, the analyzer incorporates either a proportional counter or PIN-diode detector, and is available with tube and detector filters, for the ultimate in sensitivity, selectivity, and precision.
Helium-3 proportional counter neutron detectors or acceptable alternate with the following minimum specifications: 1.