prophylaxis paste

pro·phy·lax·is paste

(prō-fi-lak'sis pāst)
Compound containing a mild abrasive (and sometimes fluoride), used professionally to remove dental plaque and extrinsic stains, polish teeth, and to minimize plaque accumulation and retention.
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Oral-B Practitioner Series Prophylaxis Paste is formulated to virtually eliminate splatter and clings to tooth surfaces to help remove stains.
Prophylaxis paste jar of 340 gm, Polishing cup rubber, mounted soft for RAHP pkt of 12, Wire ligature stainless steel BSW gauge 28, coil of 15.
NUPRO[R] Prophylaxis Paste with Fluoride, coarse grit (DENTSPLY International Inc.
Fluoride uptake from treatment with different fluoride prophylaxis pastes and from the use of pastes containing a soluble aluminum salt followed by topical application.
NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste by DENTSPLY contains NovaMin, a calcium phosphate crafted to relieve sensitivity, provide stain removal, and is dye and gluten free, the company says.
35 PROPHYLPASTE Prophylaxis paste 210 gms ( Prolax)
Dentsply International launches its Continuous Care System for Dentinal Hypersensitivity, including NUPRO[R] Sensodyne[R] Prophylaxis Paste with NovaMin and Sensodyne NUPRO Professional Toothpaste.
Prospec MI Paste, manufactured by GC Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), is an excellent prophylaxis paste with bio-available calcium and phosphate.
Each dependent variable (4 different stain types) was tested 4 times with each prophylaxis angle, using 4 prophylaxis paste conditions, and 3 different rpm; therefore, 2 trials x 2 angles x 3 speeds x 4 stains x 4 grits = 192 trials on 96 teeth.
Polishing with a toothpaste and a prophylaxis paste.
A Qualitative Evaluation of the Abrasiveness of Selected Prophylaxis Pastes When Used on Enamel, A Hybrid Composite and Porcelain Using a Non Contact Profilometer and Glossmeter