proper nutrition

proper nutrition,

n in Tibetan medicine, a therapeutic concept that begins with a digestive formulation because it is believed that a medical condition is primarily the result of a nutritional dysfunction or disturbance in the process of delivering nutrients.
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Royal Canin is conducting the makeovers with Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue and Prestige Pet Salon to show how proper nutrition and attention to detail can make all the difference in a pet's life.
All of these can be achieved by breast feeding, proper nutrition and promoting hand washing and controlling indoor pollution.
According to FAO, two billion people, roughly 30 percent of the global population suffer proper nutrition deficiency.
The children, aged between four and 12, attended cooking classes which focused on proper nutrition, in addition to swimming, aerobics and recreational training activities.
Medical studies have shown that the crippling disease of osteoporosis can be prevented or delayed through weight bearing exercise and proper nutrition.
They were taught how to identify the safety equipment in motorsport, the importance of proper nutrition and medical and public safety aspects as well as the need to develop good relations with the media, and ways to get proper attention from private companies.
Some of the patients are not on medication, so they are advised to proper nutrition.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of glutamine and creatine supplements and proper nutrition on hand grip strength and agility of athletes.
Two relate to failing to provide proper nutrition, accommodation or veterinary care to animals.
The delegation visited around 30 women and provided the kit of information materials about early childhood development and care including the book by Masaru Ibuka "Kindergarten is too Late", video on infant care for parents, proper nutrition of young mothers, importance of breastfeeding, as well as basic information about dangerous diseases and vaccination schedule.
93We are implementing a new program to contribute to the proper nutrition of students from kindergarten to fifth grade,\'94 he said.
Amway is committed making a positive difference in the life of children, especially those in dire need of proper nutrition.

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