proper nutrition

proper nutrition,

n in Tibetan medicine, a therapeutic concept that begins with a digestive formulation because it is believed that a medical condition is primarily the result of a nutritional dysfunction or disturbance in the process of delivering nutrients.
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Senator Sonny Angara, principal author of Senate Bill 1537, known as the Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act, said on Sunday that the measure includes proper nutrition, protection to diseases, and improved breastfeeding to mothers who just gave birth.
The programme includes many areas, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, art, photography and proper nutrition.
PWD will have to play an effective role to create awareness about mother and child health and importance of proper nutrition.
Teeth are living organs and require proper nutrition to regenerate and maintain healthy levels of enamel and dentin," Dr Lin explains.
By offering a free breakfast to every elementary school child, the Eugene School District is removing both the bureaucratic and social barriers to children receiving proper nutrition, including those whose families barely missed qualifying for assistance under the previous guidelines.
Guidelines for Healthier Living--The Importance of Physical Exercise, Proper Nutrition, and Spiritual Fitness
Many of the medical and behavioral problems that domestic rabbits face as pets can actually be avoided with proper nutrition and care.
The salad garden for goats has been playing an important role in providing proper nutrition to the milk goats at AGF.
All of these can be achieved by breast feeding, proper nutrition and promoting hand washing and controlling indoor pollution.
According to FAO, two billion people, roughly 30 percent of the global population suffer proper nutrition deficiency.
The children, aged between four and 12, attended cooking classes which focused on proper nutrition, in addition to swimming, aerobics and recreational training activities.
They were taught how to identify the safety equipment in motorsport, the importance of proper nutrition and medical and public safety aspects as well as the need to develop good relations with the media, and ways to get proper attention from private companies.

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