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n the establishment of a fact by evidence; to find the truth.
proof beyond a reasonable doubt,
n in criminal law, such proof as precludes every reasonable hypothesis except that which it tends to support and is wholly consistent with the defendant's guilt and inconsistent with any other rational conclusions.
proof of loss,
n the contractual right of the carrier or service corporation to request verification of services rendered (expenses incurred) by the submission of claim forms, radiographs, study models, or other diagnostic material.

Patient discussion about proof

Q. Is there any proof that acupuncture would be helpful for dealing with depression? I’m working in a multinational company and I suffer from depression. I feel the side effects of the meds being prescribed by my doctor. I like to try with acupuncture. Is there any proof that acupuncture would be helpful for dealing with depression?

A. Hi, for some cases acupuncture is good but not for all. Besides therapy and acupuncture exercise helps with depression. The problem with it is that it appears to be difficult to get depressed people to start exercising. They are depressed, after all. But exercise could and should be considered alternative medicine that actually works.

Q. What kind of dogs are considered "low allergy" breeds? My son really wants a dog and I am allergic. Not severely but... Promised to look into getting a low allergy one. Appreciate any info including how to source free/low cost as money is tight.

A. Take in mind that there are also other criteria for choosing a dog. Some of them need special grooming and some aren't really great with kids, but you can check out these breeds and more at www. As for myself, I have had several Bichon Frises, and they can be great with kids and other pets, and they are hardy and very, very intelligent!! They arent too big either! Good luck on your hunt!

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To achieve flexible proofing times and proof-to-bake ratios, the Serpentine proofer can be designed with up to three individual Serpentine-configured transport zones, with optional bypass, within the one module.
in Wakefield, RI, analog proofing is simply utilizing individual film negatives or positives "that carry the individual color information, using one of many proofing media to create a proof through a contact exposure process.
With its Actual Dot feature, designed to replicate original screening and dot patterns at proofing resolutions, Star Proof 6.
In Summer 2005, 25% of Internet design and development firms were challenged by "color proofing for Web pages"-and 28% were challenged by "color proofing for print";
html, turns the approval process into a sales tool by delivering custom marketing offers to reviewers as a reward for proofing online.
com, commented, "With our new online proofing solution (ShoomProof powered by PROOF-it-ONLINE) integrated into our existing ad management system, overall workflow has become significantly more effective.
PROOF-it-ONLINE's web-hosted application addresses the proofing and approval needs of the printing, graphics, publishing and creative industries for both vendor and in-house users.
Regarding his use of EFI solutions, Jim Duffy, Alonzo's president/owner, said "When we evaluated proofing systems, we quickly realized that anything other than Colorproof XF gave us a 'proofing island,' requiring needless extra cycles and time we cannot afford.
Kodak experienced strong demand for digital presses, proofing systems, workflow management software and CTP equipment, as well as new products, such as the KODAK NEXPRESS 2100 plus and 2500 digital production color presses.
Kodak will demonstrate ways to help customers grow their businesses and streamline operations, with technology ranging from digital capture, workflow and proofing to advanced digital printing, offset and hybrid equipment, in booth #6707 at the Print 05 exhibition, which kicks off tomorrow and runs until September 15 at Chicago's McCormick Place.
Coupled with the company's standardization on Epson proofing consumables, customers can look forward to reduced prepress and makeready times as well as minimal spoilage regardless of where the job is printed among Cenveo's network of North American plants.
Customers can now order the X-Rite and GMG customized proofing bundles through GMG's authorized dealers worldwide.