proof spirit

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proof spir·it

dilute alcohol, specific gravity 0.920, containing 49.5% by weight (57.27% by volume) of ethanol at 15.56°C. Originally in Great Britain it was the weakest alcohol that would permit ignition of gunpowder moistened with it. British proof spirit has a specific gravity of 0.9198 and contains 49.2% ethanol by weight, or 57.1% by volume at the temperature of 10.56°C.
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The 94 proof spirit has a silky, protracted and flavorful finish.
With high proof spirits you want to chew it, that way you gently distribute it throughout your mouth, and then you see how you like it.
5 ounces of 80 proof spirits or 8-9 ounces of malt liquor) in a two-hour period for males and four or more standard size drinks in a two-hour period for females.
They hold just over a pub measure of 40 per cent proof spirits, including brandy and vodka.
OTCBB:LIQR) expands operations with new approval to sell high proof spirits to the State of Ohio.
It is a stylish alternative to wine or higher proof spirits before a good meal.
Given that the high proof spirits trend continues to gain momentum among bartenders, we're expecting a vibrant creative outpouring.
Through this competition, they proved that high proof spirits like Louis Royer 'Force 53' VSOP Cognac can be a bartender's best friend by providing an unshakable flavor backbone for their Cognac cocktails.
With 'Force 53,' Louis Royer Cognac has firmly placed itself at the forefront of the high proof spirits trend," said Philippe Pichetto, Marketing Director, Louis Royer Cognac.
High proof spirits are definitely on bartenders' radars these days," said Hanna Lee, president and founder, Hanna Lee Communications.