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promissory (prom´isôrē),

n a promise; stipulation for a future act or course of conduct.
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Ah, my husband is a sort of promissory note; I'm tired of meeting him.
Expert in legal matters, he never signed a promissory note; and had prudently attached his own salary under the names of fictitious creditors, so that he was able to draw nearly the whole of it himself.
Yet, consideration has been given in exchange for the promissory note, because the nonparticipant spouse has surrendered a present ownership in the plan assets.
As a result of the restatement, Tri-S Security will recognize a non-cash interest expense of approximately $620,000 in the first quarter of 2006 related to the satisfaction of a conversion restriction on a portion of Tri-S Security's 10% convertible promissory notes.
2053(c), a plan participant can give a promissory note to his nonparticipant spouse in exchange for a waiver of community property rights in the former's pension plan.
As previously announced, the acquisition of CTSI concludes the Stock Purchase Agreement dated June 20, 2006 which provided for an aggregate purchase price in the amount of $71,000,000, comprising of a Cash Component of $42,600,000 with a $5 million down payment, and a Promissory Note in the principal amount of $28,400,000 due September 30th, 2006; the Company has the right to two 30 day extensions of the due date of the Promissory Note.
In addition, if the income from the asset sold to the trust is seen as the sole source for repayment of the promissory note, the Service might argue that the taxpayer had retained an interest in the assets, thereby bringing them back into the taxpayer's estate.
For CSI's assets and technology, Trace agreed (i) to pay $125,000 into escrow at the signing of the Agreement, (ii) to pay $325,000 at the closing of the transaction, (iii) to pay $125,000 by way of a promissory note due 90 days after the closing of the transaction, and (iv) to pay $250,000 by way of a promissory note 180 days after the closing of the transaction (with such two promissory notes referred to as the "Promissory Notes").
In an attempt to retain appreciating property in the GRAT for eventual transfer to the remaindermen, some practitioners have used promissory notes issued by the GRAT to pay the annuity amount (or part thereof).
Emalfarb, Dyadic's Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman, received 251,298 shares of common stock upon the conversion in full of its convertible promissory note which had combined principal and accrued interest of $836,824.
There were no promissory notes issued between S2 and S3.
Over the term of the Letter of Intent Sona loaned Idea One a total of $550,000 through a series of convertible promissory notes.