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promissory (prom´isôrē),

n a promise; stipulation for a future act or course of conduct.
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The husband, as trustee, would cause the GRATs to borrow the funds and execute promissory notes for each GRAT in favor of the donors.
The principal and interest due on the promissory notes will be sufficient to pay the certificates' principal and 6.
The acquisition of MSAI was also completed in accordance with the Stock Purchase Agreement dated June 20, 2006 for an aggregate amount of $27,000,000, consisting of a cash component of $16,200,000 with a $2 million initial payment and a seller note for $11,300,000 due September 30th, 2006; the Company has the right to two 30 day extensions of the due date of the Promissory Note.
5 million unsecured promissory note bearing interest at prime rate plus one-half percent would mature later this month.
Subsequent to the conversion of the convertible promissory notes, the Emalfarb Trust owns 5,822,125 shares and the Francisco Trust owns 4,769,578 shares, representing 24.
Under a second agreement, the Partnership delivered a 7-year, $3 million promissory note bearing an interest rate of 5.
AMEX:AKN) today announced the conversion of two convertible promissory notes with an aggregate principal balance of $5.
Foothill has indicated to Medical Properties its willingness to approve the transaction on the condition that additional collateral be given to Medical Properties to secure the $4,375,000 promissory note.
The restructure agreement requires that the company raise at least $1 million of additional equity capital as well as restructure Sea View's $5 million subordinated contingent promissory note.
The shares to be sold are currently pledged as collateral under the Contingent Promissory Note.