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a type of acidophil in the adenohypophysis that secretes prolactin. Called also lactotrope, luteotroph, and mammotroph.


An acidophilic cell of the adenohypophysis that produces prolactin.
Synonym(s): prolactin cell


See lactotroph.


An obsolete term for a cell that produces prolactin; prolactin-secreting cell is the preferred term in the working medical parlance.
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To the best of our knowledge the effect of organophosphate on prolactin cell activity has been studied only by Mishra et al.
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2009), but there exist a single report regarding the effect of these organophosphates on the histological structure of prolactin cells of fish (MISHRA et al.
Nuclear indices (maximal length and maximal width) of the prolactin cells (50 nuclei from each fish, thus 300 nuclei from 6 fish) were taken with the aid of ocular micrometer and the nuclear volume was calculated as:
In control fish, the prolactin cells are predominant cell type of rostral pars distalis.
fossilis which caused the hyperactivity of prolactin cells.
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5) Polycystic ovary syndrome promoted secretion of prolactin because secondary estrogen induced synthesis of prolactin cells.
They do cause some hyperplasia of the prolactin cells, but this is a reversible phenomenon, he said.