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Difficulty is progressively increased by changing the surface, adding work time, closing one or both eyes, turning the head to the right or left, and moving the free leg to various positions (front, side or hip open like a swinging gate).
Precisely by examining the process by which the Eucharist sacrament progressively took on its form, one understands in a beautiful way the profound connection between Scripture and tradition.
Drivers get progressively more tired by the end of the day and then as the week goes on.
Patients are progressively seeking disease and health information on the Internet instead of waiting for an available appointment with the doctor.
Training cycles vary the training loads progressively over a period of time.
Hence, Page's reading traces the progressively sophisticated trajectory of Morrison's concern with an exploration of the simultaneous specificity and variety of African American personality and experience.
During a solidification simulation, the temperatures of individual elements change progressively as a function of the six nearest neighbor elements according to a deterministic rule.
Before joining Amgen, Benske held progressively responsible governmental affairs positions for the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, TAP Pharmaceuticals, and AstraZeneca.
The problem with expressionism '80s-style - German, New York Neo, or Transavantgarde - is that the all-or-nothing bravado that it hinged on progressively looks like .
Markers delineating a certain chromosome 6 segment appeared progressively more often as individuals displayed more severe psychotic symptoms, regardless of whether they received a diagnosis of schizophrenia, the scientists assert in the December 1997 American Journal of Human Genetics.
What Milo did have was the intelligence to use a progressively heavier weight each time he trained.
The BIOX(R) and neutralization tanks and associated thickeners are expected to be completed over the next month and to be dry commissioned and tested progressively as the construction in the various areas is completed, with the last items expected to be completed by the end of September.

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