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Application Based on Pivotal Head-to-Head ENDEAVOR Study Showing Kyprolis Plus Dexamethasone Doubled Progression-Free Survival Compared to Velcade (Bortezomib) Plus Dexamethasone
announced today that PROFILE 1029, a Phase 3 study of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitor XALKORIA (crizotinib), met its primary objective of significantly prolonging progression-free survival (PFS) in previously untreated East Asian patients with ALK-positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) when compared to a standard chemotherapy doublet.
lenvatinib) demonstrates clinically significant progression-free survival in people with advanced thyroid cancer across most of the common sites of metastases
After initiation of metformin therapy, 36% of the group was progression-free at 12 weeks, and 9% were still progression-free at 24 weeks.
After treatment, the median progression-free survival time was seven weeks for the chemotherapy group, but this more than doubled to 15.
Matched against the drug sorafenib, it increased mid-range progression-free survival from 4.
The study was designed to measure progression-free survival, the time a patient lived without the cancer progressing.
The study found that women treated with a combination of everolimus and exemestane had an improved progression-free survival of nearly seven months compared to women who were treated only with exemestane.
ORLANDO - Neoadjuvant chemotherapy with interval debulking surgery yields similar overall and longer progression-free survival when compared with primary debulking surgery for women with stage IV epithelial ovarian cancer, according to a retrospective study.
A new treatment combining doxorubicin plus sorafenib has shown significant progression-free and overall survival advantages over doxorubicin alone for patients with advanced hepatocellular cancer (HCC).
In February, researchers announced that a data-monitoring committee stopped the 171-patient sunitinib study after an analysis revealed that progression-free survival, the primary end point, was much longer in the active treatment arm.