progress curve

pro·gress curve

a graphic representation of a chemical or enzyme-catalyzed reaction in which the product concentration or the substrate concentration or the ES binary complex is plotted against time.
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And today after seven titles in Dubai the Swiss ace not only feels vindicated, but proud to belong and be associated with Dubai and its progress curve.
It seems that, despite the easy run to the maximum level, the progress curve becomes slower once you max out, and the only way to progress is to find exotic and rare items, of which Bungie has also promised will be replenished with additional content over the coming months afterwards.
This way, the severity was expressed as the area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC), calculated by the following equation:
Area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC) for plants treated with four fungicides applied by two methods.
However, if we continue the progress curve we followed during the winter we must have a great chance of victory.
Hopefully with a huge assist coming from the software industry, where the learning curves continue to fall far short of the technology progress curves, we can enable people and businesses to get the knowledge to solve or prevent many of the serious problems they face.
The initial rates were determined from the progress curves by extrapolating the d(absorbance)/dt vs t plot to the initiation point and plotting the initial rate obtained against antibody concentration as shown in Fig.
That work also led to my writing an article on the reliability of progress curves in airframe production [1963].
Analysis of Enzyme Progress Curves by Nonlinear Regression (Duggleby)