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Programmers can then create custom applications in record time since all the necessary source code is generated automatically.
Is it possible that Linux programmers created such an extraordinary operating system in part because they were driven by other factors and weren't doing it for the money?
It's known as the programmers full employment situation," agreed Martin O.
That Section of the rules, and FCC Form 1210 instructions(A), require that payments from programmers to cable operators be offset against programming costs for purposes of determining programming costs eligible for external cost treatment.
Bell Atlantic will hold a day-long seminar for interested programmers to be held Dec.
Symantec C++ Professional is the only development system that allows programmers to develop and debug DOS, Windows and Win32s applications under Windows.
The IPv6 for Programmers course benefits programmers, application developers and application architects who are responsible for developing programs and porting existing code to work in an IPv6 environment.
DREAMING IN CODE: TWO Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One quest for Transcendent Software
To do so, the computer maker has deployed its loyal base of users and programmers to create software that will drive up the demand for the company's machines.
GLENDALE - The Verdugo Private Industry Council and the Glendale office of the state Employment Development Department have launched a project to help alleviate a shortage of computer programmers in the area.
Once again, the computer programmers who had written the software used for tracking prescriptions and managing a pharmacy had failed to anticipate a real-life possibility -- in this case, that a customer could have been born before the year 1900.

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