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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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The liberated fine material enters the sump and from here is pumped back to the M4500 ProGrade sump for further processing.
The prograde metamorphism was followed by a retrograde metamorphic event that affected the mineral associations formed at the metamorphic peak.
In previous papers, they proposed that the backward, or retrograde, black holes spew the most powerful jets, while the prograde black holes have weaker or no jets.
Ansell's new ProGrade Series includes ten professional grade glove styles designed to protect construction workers in a wide variety of applications.
The ProGrade Ceramic line is intended for removal of medium to large ferrous contamination.
The ProGrade "Rare Earth" powered separators are designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, brads and clips.
In such cases, periclase (MgO) is believed to have formed by a prograde, infiltration-driven reaction (3), referred to as dolomite dissociation:
More recently, a 2004 GAO study found that ballot transit times to Iraq fell within the Army standard of twelve to eighteen days for prograde mail (mail sent from the United States into Iraq) for every month between February, 2003 and September, 2003, but that this "standard" hid the fact that twenty-five percent of test letters were delivered more than eighteen days after the date mailed.
The new ProGrade Series of magnetic separators from Eriez Magnetics, Erie, Pa.
Her score of 96 (according to the ProGrade scoring system) documented her effectiveness and efficiency; she scored high in all three categories measured: soil removal, knowledge, and time.
They prograde toward the northeast and lie at the bottom of two channels, which cut into the underlying Thanetian marine greensands.
Widespread garnet and cordierite in these rocks formed by breakdown of biotite and sillimanite, which indicates prograde metamorphism.