professional autonomy

professional autonomy,

n the right and privilege provided by a governmental entity to a class of professionals, and to each qualified licensed caregiver within that profession, to provide services independent of supervision.
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Preferring to follow a path that offers flexibility and professional autonomy, rather than fit in with the demands of the corporate world, they are planning to set up their own businesses, retrain, work flexibly or pursue a 'portfolio' career.
The system of quality audits has served managers' and bureaucrats' needs, whilst labelling many of the results of professional autonomy as 'deviations'.
There are important matters of reproductive freedom and responsibility, professional autonomy, and how best to safeguard the welfare of the children.
It is the result also of a socially negotiated public trust that exchanges the priority of service to patients in return for the social largess of professional autonomy and the attendant benefits that such standing yields.
Professional autonomy leads to self-regulation assuring quality care at all levels of the health care delivery system.
Lupton and Nixon (1999) suggest an intriguing reason for social workers' reluctance to partner with their clients--that professional autonomy was declining in public child welfare agencies due to frequent litigation, class action suits, and court consent decrees.
The second opinion piece points out that social work practitioners are increasingly less motivated by social justice and more attracted by status, professional autonomy and advancement, and financial security.
Independence in both fact and appearance is also crucial to maintaining professional autonomy and the high esteem in which the profession is held.
Historians place the beginning of medicalization within the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century and see its culmination in the twentieth as physicians gained professional autonomy and took control of a vast network of institutions, including hospitals, medical schools, dispensaries, and asylums.
for compromising professional autonomy (shouldn't journalists be the ones to decide what's news?
He said: "The attempt by local councils to control every hour of a teacher's working time poses an unprecendented threat to teachers' professional autonomy and the core work of any school.
We constructed the dependent variables from physicians' responses to a series of survey questions regarding the extent to which their expectations about opportunities to practice quality medicine and their professional autonomy had been met, overall satisfaction with their current practice, and their freedom within their practice to engage in several specific aspects of patient care.
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