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As in the case of instruments, the industrial production index for manufactured nondurable goods has in recent years exhibited a muted cycle and a slow rate of growth.
On annual basis in February2014 the Industrial Production Index, calculated from working day adjusted data, increased in the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply by 8.
Production index in building construction increased 16.
In March alone the manufacturing production index stood at 123.
Relationships between diffusion indexes of industrial production and percentage changes in the industrial production index are examined in James E.
In November 2013, the work day adjusted industrial production index rose by 2.
Meanwhile, the production index for the manufacturing industry also hit a historic-high record with an annual growth of 50.
The seasonally adjustment production index for the nation's mining and manufacturing industries registered 98.
Bulgaria's construction production index, calculated on the basis of seasonally adjusted data, increased by 0.
ANKARA, Jan 10, 2011 (TUR) -- The industrial production index was up 9.
In September the industrial production index stood at 108.
TMAC cites the gross domestic product (GDP) and Industrial Production Index (IPI) for 2001 as the basis for this pessimistic forecast where leading economists expect the GDP to grow by an anemic 1% and the IPI to be a negative 3.

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