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After all, the Zubulake court expressly rejected any suggestion that the requesting party should pay the producing party's attorney's fees, stating that the producing party "should always bear the cost of reviewing and producing electronic data .
Finally, Christine Vachon [producer of films by Todd Haynes, Tom Kalin, Mary Harron, and Cindy Sherman] and James Schamus and Ted Hope [producers of films by Hal Hartley, Ang Lee, and Ed Burns], who I first learned about in Gregg's class, later became producing mentors for me.
The market subsidiary was obligated by contract to sell to unrelated persons any qualified gas from tight sands and coal seams bought from the producing subsidiary.
SMELTER--A facility that melts or fuses (as ore), often producing an accompanying chemical change usually to separate out the metal.
Then they hit the start button and the machines starts producing belts much faster than in the past.
This decision prevented the taxpayer from freezing the bargain purchase price into its LIFO inventory layers and passing the higher cost of producing subsequent inventory items through cost of goods sold.
But there's a catch: virtually all current processes for producing hydrogen themselves release greenhouse gases.
It determines how efficient manufacturers are in developing, implementing and producing ideas generated.
Now, a new study finds that producing more flowers may take a toll on the health of the plants' offspring, report Lawrence D.